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Naskapi Constitution Content

The Naskapi Constitution Working Group is open to all.

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Naskapi Rights

  1. Rights, freedoms, values and responsibilities

  2. Naskapi Nation relationship with other Nations

  3. Voting rights

  4. Right to participate in Naskapi Nation government institutions

  5. Rights of non-Naskapi residing in Kawawachikamach

  6. Public assemblies

  7. Consultations and referenda

  8. Public access to information

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Naskapi Laws & Governance

  1. Government branches

  2. Legal capacity, rights, powers and duties of Naskapi Nation government institutions

  3. Rights and responsibilities of leadership

  4. Sources of Naskapi laws

  5. Validity requirements for all forms of Naskapi laws

  6. Supremacy of Naskapi Constitution over other Naskapi laws

  7. Internal appeal and redress mechanisms respecting the validity of Naskapi Laws and other governmental actions

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Accountability & Transparency

  1. Governing principles and political accountability

  2. Principles regarding conflict of interest

  3. Principles of financial administration and accountability

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