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2022 - 2024

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The Naskapi Nation is engaged in the negotiation of a Self-Government Agreement with the Government of Canada and is developing its own Naskapi Constitution.


The Naskapi-Canada Self-Government Agreement is aimed at replacing the Naskapi and Cree-Naskapi Commission act by giving back to the Naskapi Nation the power to make laws in many jurisdictions formerly exercised by Canada. This agreement will also provide for the resolution of conflicts of laws and fiscal arrangements.


As for the Naskapi Constitution, it is the people’s law and the most important law of the Nation. The Constitution is not developed with Canada but internally, within the community! It will solemnly affirm the most fundamental Naskapi values, laws and governance structure.


Once adopted, the Naskapi Constitution will be the legal foundation of the Naskapi Nation’s organisation and functioning. It will provide rules on governance, laws, rights, and accountability for the Naskapi Nation’s leadership. All Naskapi are encouraged to participate in its elaboration by joining the Naskapi Constitution Working Group.

This Working Group will meet regularly to discuss and develop sections of the Naskapi Constitution. The Working Group will also be responsible to present its work to the rest of the community! The draft constitution sections developed will be shared on this website, under the "documents" section.

The Naskapi-Canada Self-Government Agreement and the Naskapi Constitution will not affect the Northeastern Quebec Agreement (NEQA) rights and privileges. They will complement the NEQA with an enhanced and more comprehensive self-government, which was not negotiated in 1978.

​The objective of the Nation is to :


  • sign a Naskapi-Canada Self-Government Agreement;

  • adopt its own Naskapi Constitution; and

  • adopt its own Naskapi laws.


The purpose of this website is to engage the Naskapi community in this process towards a self-government. 

This important step in the life of our Nation is one more example of the Naskapi determination to build on the strength of our values, history and hopes for the future.

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